Watch: After Admitting Defeat Biden Drops One Heck Of A Lie That May End His Presidency, ‘We Didn’t Reject…

Biden’s approval ratings are already in the tank and the coronavirus was the only thing keeping his radical base on his side, that’s gone now.

However, Joe has admitted defeat declaring that there is no federal solution to deal with the coronavirus and that the states are on their own.

Biden told governors that, “There is no federal solution” to fighting the virus.

Shortly after Biden addressed governors he left the White House for Delaware but on the way briefly spoke with the press. A reporter asked the president why he rejected the health expert’s plan to ramp up testing in October of 2021.

Steven Nelson from the New York Post asked, “Why did your administration reject a holiday testing surge in October? Does the buck stop with you there?”

“We didn’t reject it,” Biden said.

The facts don’t line up with Biden’s lie a Vanity Fair report found that Biden was advised with a plan to ramp up testing for the holidays and he rejected it.

That report has the vax church fuming and now that Biden has thrown up his hands in defeat another tenant of the vax church has dissolved.

The White House claims Biden didn’t reject it because the White House has just now decided to adopt the plan.

Biden will now inevitably lose his base and one has to wonder how much longer the administration can survive.

Let’s not forget…

Their words are coming back to haunt them.