Watch: CNN Panel Implode When Dirty Old Bill Clinton Was Brought Up.

Hilary Clinton parades herself as the ‘women’s champion’ but what about when all those women came forward about her husband? She bashed them in court, on the news, and at conferences. Is it any wonder why she lost the women’s vote?

Well, over at CNN apparently it’s still too soon to talk about how Hillary treated Bill’s victims. In a panel discussing Hillary a conservative guest brought it up and boy did that go south! The entire conversation was derailed. In short, it was hilarious and we think you would like to see it.


As Written By Justin Caruso with Daily Caller.

Referring to Clinton’s alleged sexual misconduct, conservative guest Carrie Sheffield noted that, “it was case after case after case, and Hillary Clinton, she victim shamed. You want to talk about listening to women? She called Monica Lewinsky who was an intern at the time…”

The panel then descended into crosstalk and arguing.

Zerlina Maxwell interrupted, saying, “I have a problem blaming the women for the men’s behavior. It is not fair to do that. It is not fair to do that.”

Sheffield said, “You should listen to the women.”

Maxwell responded, “Yes, you should, but blaming Hillary Clinton in a conversation about Bill Clinton’s behavior is not appropriate. We should focus on the men’s choices and the men’s behavior, and all men need to reflect upon their behavior, not just famous ones and not just politicians. This is a cultural problem, not something that we should just put on Hillary Clinton’s shoulders. She lost to Trump, the guy on tape confessing to assault…”

Sheffield responded, “Okay, Hillary Clinton went after Lewinsky, called her a bimbo…”

Guest Sara Azari defended Bill Clinton saying, “The Monica Lewinsky sex scandal was of an affair with somebody that was of age.”

“Lewinsky has never been an accuser,” she added.

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