She’ll Fit Right In! Love Triangle Crazy Reality TV Star Marry’s Into The Biden Family

A Real Housewives of Orange County star has married into the First Family just months after finalizing a messy divorce.

Meghan King, 37, has just married Cuffe Owens, 42, Joe Biden’s nephew in Pennsylvania after only dating for a few weeks. Cuffe is the son of Biden’s sister and political adviser, Valerie Biden.

King recently divorced former MLB star Jim Edmonds, who shared three kids together. The divorce was a back and forth fight due to infidelities from both parties. Edmonds allegedly sent explicit photos to a woman while King was giving birth to their twins.

From the Dailymail:

During their wild seven-year marriage, the couple engaged in threesomes with Playboy bunny Kortnie O’Connor – who Edmonds is now dating. King said she felt betrayed by O’Connor and her ex-husband’s relationship as she counted the nude model as a friend. She has also spoken about her regret about the threesomes – while Edmonds insists King wanted even more.

King has not denied Edmonds claim that she wanted to have the threesomes and he was uncomfortable doing them.

Meghan and Cuffe just met weeks ago and have decided to tie the knot.

King worked as a sales executive and starred in season 10 of the Bravo reality program Real Housewives of Orange County before walking away from the show in 2012.

She ended up in the series after marrying Jim Edmonds when the couple appeared on TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress.

While King was pregnant, Jim admitted to having an inappropriate relationship with another woman, Jennifer McFelia Villegas. Jim had sent some inappropriate pictures of himself to Villegas who attempted to extort him.

For Cuffe’s sake he’d better hope King doesn’t have a run in with Hunter. Especially after the crazy pictures that were leaked of Hunter with his cousin.

Images of Hunter together with his cousin Caroline during a beach trip are raising a lot of eyebrows. The two were partying and dancing in a seafront apartment with psychedelic lights. From what is know the two were partying alone but the images below are let’s just say weird.

Looks like this marriage is perfect for the Biden family.