There Is Some Irony Surrounding The Cause Of The Fire At A Bill Gates Food Center

An investigation done by officials in the Dutch city of Almelo has discovered what may have caused an inferno at a Bill Gates-funded supermarket.

Initial speculation found that an electric delivery vehicle parked at the facility may have short-circuited and started the blaze that quickly engulfed the building.

It took a team of 40 firefighters and resources from all over the region to tame the fire. Thankfully, emergency personnel were able to stop the fire from spreading to surrounding homes and businesses.

Tubantia a local news agency reported:

The fire was big and bright. Flames flew many meters into the air through the roof. There was also a lot of smoke. Initially, it seemed to blow towards the hospital ZGT, but it turned out that ZGT was just out of range. The smoke was blowing towards the Nijrees and will undoubtedly have been good to smell there. However, no dangerously high concentrations of hazardous substances were measured during measurements by the fire service.

It is unknown how the fire started. There is speculation about a short circuit in one of the electric delivery cars in the building, but the fire service is not yet able to say anything about it. The fire investigation team of the fire brigade will investigate the cause.

The Picnic company has been in the building on the Zeearend for just over a year. Almelo and the region are served from that location. About sixty people work at the location in Almelo.


Initially, Democrat conspiracy theorists blamed the fire on the Dutch farmers protesting the government. However, their claims were unfounded.

Despite the American media blackout, the farmer’s rebellion is still going strong.