Roseanne Barr Tells Jimmy Kimmel to ‘Zip His F***ing Lip’ About Trump [Video]

Roseanne Barr Shut Kimmel Up About Trump And It Was Hilarious!

The brass Comedian, Roseanne Barr Put Jimmy Kimmel In His Place over Kimmel’s constant anti-Trump banter. Barr and her co-star, John Goodman, appeared on the Kimmel show to discuss the relaunch of their hit show ‘Roseanne’ but the late-night host had a hidden agenda.

Because both the actress and the character she plays voted for President Trump, Jimmy couldn’t wait to ‘pepper in’ the jabs on Trump. While Roseanne tries to keep the interview comical her irritation with Kimmel is evident as she leans into John Goodman several times to vent even flipping Kimmel off at one point.

We think John Goodman’s reactions were the best part of this segment, as he sighs and checks his watch whenever Kimmel ‘pokes the bear’ with Roseanne. Take a look.


Roseanne did touch on the family divide that most Trump supporters have faced. “It’s like everybody’s family is p***ed off at each other for one thing or the other,” she stated. “We had some pro-Hillary and some pro-Trump, and there was a lot of fighting,” Roseanne Admitted about her own family.

Kimmel tried to bring up Barr’s liberal past but she wasn’t having it. “I’m still the same — you all moved. You all went so f—ing far out you lost everybody,” she responded, adding, “A lot of us, no matter who we voted for, we don’t want to see our president fail.”

She continued, “Because we don’t want [Mike] Pence! Are you f—ing kidding me? You want Pence? You want Pence for the freaking president? Well then, zip that f—ing lip.”

Written By ENJAMIN ARIE with Conservative Tribune:

Kimmel, most of Hollywood, and the liberal side overall has moved so far away from the mainstream that they’ve left Americans behind. More importantly, they don’t even realize how far off track they’ve gone, but live in echo chambers where they believe Hollywood represents the entire country.

When even a nut like Roseanne thinks the elites have left the reservation, something is definitely wrong.

The comedian became famous for portraying a blunt-talking, average American on her sitcom. It turns out the real Roseanne may actually be in tune with how America thinks after all: Fed up with constant petty attacks on conservatives and wanting the nation and its president to succeed even if they disagree on details.