The Woke Really Are Creeps: Anthem Kneeling NFL Star Is Now The Center Of A Disturbing Scandal

In the aftermath of George Floyd’s death, woke NFL superstar, Von Miller, who played for the Denver Broncos at the time lectured Americans.

In a piece for Time magazine Miller tied his respiratory problem as a child to Floyd’s death writing:

Every time, every single time, someone helped. I cannot even imagine what it would be like to get no help. Since George Floyd died, tears have overcome me at least once a day. And then, as I thought about it, I have felt this pain in varying degrees for as far back as I can remember—at least since the first time I was called a n****r in elementary school. The pain sears me every day, now. It’s an emotional pain. It’s a physical pain. It is the pain of oppression in a country that’s supposed to be free.

As the official team captain for the Denver Broncos, Miller – who kneels during the National Anthem – supported the nationwide riots burning American cities declaring the “anger is justified, and we will not be silenced or pacified.”

While American cities were burning Miller led protests in Denver despite the violent clashes with police.

But, just a few weeks before Miller was lecturing Americans on how to treat their fellow man he allegedly was flying into fits of rage and taking part in a revenge texting scandal.

The NFL superstar who now plays for the Buffalo Bills is being sued by a woman in Los Angeles after he allegedly sent private explicit photos to “two well-known celebrities” after flying into a jealous rage.

TMZ reports:

The woman is seeing for “monetary damages” and for Miller to be court-ordered never to share the photos again.

The woke really are creeps.