Watch: Americans Shake Their Heads In Disbelief After Staged Biden Event Turns Into A Three Ring Circus

The Brandon administration is at it again.

Biden’s handlers put together a staged event and it turned into a three ring circus.

The president is trying to get his rock bottom poll numbers up and the administration tried to give him a boost during a trip to New Hampshire.

Biden’s handlers tried to create a cinematic moment symbolizing Biden’s success in passing the infrastructure bill however, it looked more like a comedy sketch.

The camera was tight showing Biden in a line with his cohorts and a large American flag was in the background. The group walked in a large line toward the podium as the camera zoomed out. As the group slowly walked in unison trying to create a “moment” the “crowd” (like 15 people) applauded (not really).

The scene was one of the most ridiculous things you’ve ever seen.

You can probably guess how well the speech went as well, at one point Joe couldn’t figure out if he was going to whisper or yell at the audience.

Joe also started talking in slow motion.

The folks over at Townhall had some fun with this, make sure the sound is on when you watch the clip below.

Biden is claiming that passing the infrastructure bill will cement his legacy declaring, “this was the moment we won the competition for the 21st century.

The only thing this administration is going to be remembered for is making Jimmy Carter look good.