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Flashback people… Do you remember when liberal Maxine Waters was bashing James Comey’s credibility as the FBI director?

In the past few weeks, information appeared about Senator John McCain direct link to Islamic terrorist including the London bomber. The information also reveals how he has owned George Soros and the Saudi terrorists. Senator John McCain is considered an enemy of American people by being a traitor. As an evidence of being a traitor, …

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is back on Capitol Hill today for another round of questioning by the House Energy and Commerce Committee, following Tuesday’s five-hour Senate hearing. Zuckerberg took questions from almost 50 legislators on Tuesday. The CEO was questioned on data privacy, Facebook’s handling of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, and potential regulation of the …

It seems Facebook is becoming one of the biggest contributors to the committees in Congress and will be questioning Mark Zuckerberg.

governor received a large donation from former Nazi collaborator and creepy billionaire George Soros –

He thought he had the power over people and can tell adults and leaders what they have to do

The Marines will have a new way to eliminate enemies of America.