Watch: Wacko Climate Change Protesters Get A Strong Dose Of Karma After Messing With The Wrong Fans

One of the most popular cycling races in the world is being targeted by climate change wackos, and fans have had enough.

Protestors attempted to block a portion of the 20th stage of the race and were seen wearing shirts that read “we have 978 days left.”

Pictures on social media showed fans running onto the road to drag or push the activists away from the cyclists so they couldn’t ruin the race.

It was the third time the radical climate group, Derniere Renovation tried to disrupt the race and fans were done.

From the Dailymail:

Tour de France fans took matters into their own hands yesterday as they angrily removed a gang of eco-protesters threatening to disrupt the historic bike race by sitting in the middle of the road to block oncoming riders.

Eight climate activists from French campaign group Dernière Rénovation (Last Renovation) sporting T-shirts emblazoned with the message ‘we have 978 days left’ to tackle environmental decline tried to stop the race during the 20th stage between Lacapelle-Marival and Rocamadour on Saturday.

But their attempts to wreak havoc at the stage were thwarted by spectators, who stormed onto the road and dragged them out of the path of the oncoming bikes even before the police arrived on the scene to make arrests.

Striking pictures have emerged of the enraged fans bowling into the road to pull, push and harry the protesters off the tarmac to prevent them from ruining the race.

Started earlier this year, Dernière Rénovation (DR) is a French faction of the international climate activism conglomerate ‘A22’, which includes the likes of Just Stop Oil – a UK-based group which attempted to disrupt the British Formula 1 Grand Prix at Silverstone on July 3.

Some protestors are facing up to two years in jail.