Outrageous: You Won’t Believe Why This Teacher Was Fired!!

Teacher Gets Sexually Assaulted And Principal Fires Her For Calling The Cops.

Judy Sugar, a teacher at Greenburgh Eleven Union Free School in New York, was in for a nasty shock. During her lesson, she bent over and looked into a microscope, as she did so a student took advantage of her. He didn’t play on his phone or socialize he did much worse. He saw that his teacher was vulnerable so as a sick and twisted individual he pulled out his penis and rubbed it on her butt. The student then fled knowing he just did something incredibly wrong. Sugar surprised and appalled decided to report the incident to her supervisor, Principal Elton Thompson. Thompson heard her claims and dismissed them.

“After the student’s caseworker and social worker told Sugar to take whatever action she needed to address her safety concerns, the lawsuit said Sugar told her head teacher she wanted to call the police.

But the head teacher told Sugar she had called the police, and that Sugar could visit police at the end of the day to address her concerns. Sugar called the police anyway, and police said they would come to the school immediately.

The lawsuit said the principal expressed disapproval toward Sugar and said, “You called the police?”The principal also told Sugar she needed to immediately leave school grounds and would be contacted with instructions regarding her employment.”

The police showed up at the school having received the call from Sugar, but since Sugar already been sent home, they were turned away by staff. After being dismissed by the Principal, Sugar went to the Police station and made an official report and got a protection order against the student.

The next day the student was arrested. Four days later Judy Sugar was fired “because of complaints by students and other teachers,”

Principal Thompson claimed that since she was not a permanent employee he could fire her without a hearing. Sugar believes that she was fired because the arrest reflects poorly on the school and Thompson.

Sugar filed a lawsuit earlier this month against the school and the despicable Principal. The original incident occurred back in 2015. Sugar wants to be reinstated, paid backpay for time loss, as well as the raises she would have earned. She wants the legal fees covered and she wants “the court to declare that the district violated her free speech rights and state human rights law prohibiting workplace discrimination.”

Looks like an open and shut case. Although I don’t know if I’d want to work in a place where my Boss was ok with me getting assaulted and angry if I called the police about it.