CNN Top Doc Withers During Interview, ‘Do You Think It’s A Problem Your News Network Lies?’

Joe Rogan has one of the largest podcast in the world, his show gets more views in a week than CNN probably gets in a month.

Early in the week, Rogan hosted independent journalist Alex Berenson who was kicked off Twitter in the spring when he pointed out the vaccines ability to prevent COVID was waning, only a month later he was proved correct.

For the sake of balance, Rogan hosted CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta and he went after the network for claiming he took a horse dewormer. Rogan straight up said, “do you think it’s a problem your news network lies?”

Gupta acknowledged that CNN shouldn’t have lied and admitted he call out the lie.

Gupta struggled through the three hour discussion with Rogan who was polite but wouldn’t let the medical correspondent off the hook. The problem Gupta had was he’s used of giving a 30 second talking point on TV and when it came down to having a long form discussion those talking points had no substance.

Rogan pressed Gupta over child vaccinations and called him on the carpet for ignoring a study showing that teenage boys are at risk for heart issues after they receive a COVID vaccine.

After getting hammered for three hours Gupta wrote more of an apology piece to the left for appearing on the show. Which in and of itself is crazy, Joe Rogan is a liberal, not a conservative, and Gupta has to apologize for appearing on his show.

Since, Gupta took such a beating because he can’t talk for more than 30 seconds at a time he wrote a long piece refuting Rogan with the same arguments that failed him during the three hour conversation.

At the end of the article Gupta admits he failed and he realizes that the majority of Americans are more like Rogan than the junk CNN puts out.

What’s even more annoying is that in front of Rogan Gupta acted like they were friends however, when you read his article on CNN he demeans him. Not only are the people at CNN liars they are cowards.

You can listen to the podcast below.