Watch: NYC Sending Police To Remove Unvaxxed From Society

New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio has turned the NYPD into the gestapo and is sending units of officers to remove families from restaurants that are unvaccinated.

In the video below you will watch a family being kicked out of a restaurant by NYPD because they were not vaccinated.

Multiple people were arrested at a New York City Burger King because they were unvaccinated.

Blue run cities are quickly turning into Australia.

Despite, the vaccine passport system the coronavirus is ripping through a city that boasts of having 71.8% of adults vaccinated.

NYC Mayor-elect Eric Adams has promised that he will “revisit” the vaccine mandate once he takes office.

“We need to revisit how we are going to address the vaccine mandates. Now, I stated I did not want to Monday-morning-quarterback the mayor. This is his time to be the man, he has to make the decisions,” Adams said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

The question remains how much longer before we start seeing states like California and New York create programs like the ones in Austria that will seek out the unvaccinated and fine them?

The Austrian government is creating a new division that will seek out the unvaccinated and punish them for refusing the jab. The position pays about the equivalent of $50,000 a year and violators will be forced to pay $4,000 for their first offense.