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MSMISODA: Americans have only themselves to blame for twice electing Barack Obama as their president – themselves and the mainstream globalist media. His belief system was open knowledge for those who cared to do even a modicum a little research before they voted back in 2008.  And, after his election he only exacerbated those fears with …

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Worried and confused, the grandma called the police to break down the door. Chris Daykin was a stay-at-home dad and loving husband living in Halifax, England. Like any other devoted father, he enjoyed spending time with his daughters, Pearl, 4, and Iris, 2. While his wife Helen was away on business trips most workdays, he was …

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Many are shocked by comedian Bill Maher’s new nickname for President Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka (video below).

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But can prosecutors prove that there were cause and effect? 

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