Accidental’ $100k Purchase Leaves Tik Tok Star To Do The Most Embarrassing…..

Quenlin Blackwell is 21 year old and has racked up 7.9 million followers on the social media website Tik Tok.

The influencer had a full breakdown during a viral video because she “accidentally” bought a $100,000 couch during an online auction. With crocodile tears in her eyes she said that the thought of getting a job makes her want to “throw up.”

She pleaded: “I almost crashed my car when I saw it, if you have a million dollars could you please donate? If you have a billion dollars can you let me borrow some please?”

She added in a follow-up video that she doesn’t “want to do a job. I’m about to throw up because I know they didn’t refund me.”

According to SEO Design Chicago, a TikToker with over a million followers – like Blackwell – could earn anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 a month and could potentially make up to a million dollars per post. the social media star also has a successful YouTube channel with 950,000 subscribers about lifestyle and cooking. A report from WebFX says YouTube creators with around 100,000 followers earn about $2,000 a video.

The video of her having a meltdown went viral with almost 7 million views as of the writing of this post.

@quenblackwellI cant inhale.

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Quenlin posted a follow-up video claiming she is going to have to set up an Only Fans account so she can afford the couch and said that many of her possessions had been repossessed.

But many of her followers weren’t buying it and claimed that the social media star was faking it. Some even accused her of taking acting lessons.

“You been taking acting classes huh?” One user commented.

Even the people that believed her story didn’t sympathize with her and said she should ask some of her rich contacts for help.

“Dude ask your 100+ famous friends for some help,” one person wrote, with another saying, “Ask your rich friends.”

The social media star hasn’t responded to the backlash or any inquiries from the media. But she did post a link on her Instagram page to her Only Fans account.