Instagram Stars Tragic Death Is A Result Of Joe Biden’s America

For almost two years Democrats and Joe Biden spread fear and panic. They tried to close churches, isolate people, they closed schools, and shut down businesses. If you didn’t agree with them people were canceled and accused of trying to kill grandma.

The result of America’s COVID policy has turned into a mental health crisis and it has now claimed the life of Instagram influencer Niece Waihofer who had 4.2 million people follow her.

The model went viral after she started the “Roast Me” trend on Reddit.

Waihofer has always been transparent about her battle with mental health and would often post about it.

Sadly, she was found dead alone at her mansion in Katy, Texas, a small city outside of Houston. Worried family members requested that police do a welfare check after they hadn’t heard from her in a few days. Upon arrival, police found that Waihofer had succumbed to her battle with mental health and had taken her own life.

“Sadly, Niece took her own life after a long battle with mental health issues,” a relative said.

Family members added, “She was very open with her followers about her struggles, even wanting to help followers who also suffered.”

In May followers noticed that something was wrong after all but three images were left on her social media account.

One of the three posts was a 2019 photo of her with an unidentified male to whom she may have been engaged to for a time.

“From our very first date, I knew this was the man I want to spend the rest of my life with,” Waidhofer wrote. “Even still, there is nothing that could have prepared me for the elation I felt when he asked me to be his wife.┬áMy love, you are all I will ever want. I will love you with my entire heart until I take my last breath. Always.”

Her account history leads many to believe those marriage plans ended up falling apart.

A recent analysis from the University of California San Diego’s School of Global Policy and Strategy found that women were hit the hardest by the coronavirus lockdowns.

The study uncovered that lockdowns caused women to have a 38 percent increase in depression, a 44 percent increase in anxiety, and a 73 percent increase in exhaustion.