The Great Reset: Prime Minister Resigns As First Western Nation Teeters On Collapse

The mainstream media has blacked out most of the protests, but Italians have been railing against their government for weeks.

Even though Reuters claims that there have been no protests in Italy, ABC News confirmed demonstrations have been ongoing in Rome.

Prime Minister Mario Draghi embrace of World Economic Forum policies has plunged his country into turmoil. Trouble in Italy spells disaster for Europe because it is has one of the largest economies in the continent. The country is battling inflation, an energy crisis, and drowning in debt (sound familiar?).

“We played with the future of Italians,” Foreign minister Luigi Di Maio wrote on Twitter. “The effects of this tragic choice will remain in history.”

In June, Di Maio led a walkout in protest of the government, whose collapse is “a black page for Italy.”

Zero Hedge reported:

Italy’s inflation rate hit 8 per cent in June, its highest level since 1986, according to the statistical agency. Faltering on a tight schedule of promised reforms would also jeopardise Rome’s ability to receive the next tranches of its €200bn in funds from the EU’s Covid recovery programme.

Draghi had agreed an ambitious schedule of reforms with the EU with a plan to enhance competition and cut red tape to make Italy more attractive to investment, and to guarantee the sustainability of its heavy public debt, now at about 150 per cent of gross domestic product.

Italy isn’t the only western nation teetering on a total collapse, Panama is also descending into a failed state.

A large part of the problem is Panama uses the US dollar, and suppliers can’t afford the imports because of Bidenflation, grocery stores are empty…