Robert Mueller Is Just After Blood At This Point.

To say that Special Counsel, Robert Meuler’s Case is all over the place is an understatement at this point. What’s his end goal? Meuller’s entire reputation is on the line with his Trump-Russian collusion investigation and it’s not gone very well for him thus far. All the money, manpower, and time spent on this witch-hunt would make any decent person to recant by now but Meuller must be after blood or perhaps he has a personal vendetta? I think James Lewis with American thinker says it best in this article by calling this fiasco a ‘revenge drama’.

As Reported By James Lewis with American Thinker.

How is this revenge movie going to end?

Every legal trial is also an emotional revenge drama. The legal system tries to impose whatever dignity, fairness, and honesty it can on the bloodthirsty aspects of accusations and punishments. But the more emotionally involved people become, the more easily we can turn into a primitive mob.

Well, we now have the most bloodthirsty “media” in American history.

The media mob desperately wants to see somebody hanged to make up for Hillary losing the last election. A just system of laws and procedures is designed to prevent that, but in the case of the so-called “Special Counsel,” there are no safeguards. We must have faith on the integrity of the individuals running the show, and today they have lost that faith.

Which the why this whole bizarre DC vendetta is so corrupt and anti-constitutional.

The goal of the U.S. Constitution is to impose order and balance on primitive mob impulses and on power-mad freaks, but today the Constitution and the spirit of fairness it embodies have been beaten down by decades of media attacks, where justice and fairness come last, if ever. The media mob — don’t doubt for a minute that they are a mob — attacked Kenneth Starr to cover up Bill Clinton’s many violations of law, which went far beyond that stained blue dress. In Watergate, the raging mob turned the other way, and President Nixon had to hang, one way or another…

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