A Philadelphia City Council Is Endangering Lives With This New Legislation.

A Philadelphia Council Has Put Forth Legislation That Will Force Business Owners To Remove Life-Saving Security Measures.

Trouble is in the future for some Philadelphia Business Owners as new legislation will prevent them from having bulletproof glass. The original legislation claimed that Beer-Delis would be forced to remove life-saving criminal deterrents. But seeing the error in their ways they instead pushed off the enforcement of that part of the legislation until 2021.

The 2021 push however only delays the bad legislation which changed to inspections that could lead to “the use or removal of any physical barrier.” Which is not that much better. So a city council that doesn’t frequent the business or necessarily live in the area gets to come by and tell the owners whether or not they need a way to deter criminals. What could go wrong?

A Beer-Delis is just as it sounds a store that sells beer and serves/sells food.

In fairness to the council, the target of the legislation is Beer-Delis which do not have the best reputations. The council claims that the businesses seem to attract bad elements. But doesn’t that kind of reinforce the need for safety precautions? Or are they looking to drive the Beer Delis out through new criminal attacks since they will be made more vulnerable? The city council is overstepping and for some reason thinks they know what is best for businesses. Sadly it seems the Beer Delis owners and operators fates are now in the hands of the local government.

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As Reported By Julie Shaw, www.philly.com

One witness, Kevin Kim, 53, of Horsham, sought common ground. In a calm voice, he testified that his parents had owned a grocery in West Philadelphia in the 1970s.

“I am not a supporter of beer delis in inner-city neighborhoods,” he said. He told beer delis owners they should “think twice” about selling beer in the morning when “children are on the streets walking to school or going to the bus stop.”

City Councilman At-Large David Oh, who is not on the committee, said the amended bill would jeopardize beer deli owners.

“Instead of supporting business owners’ discretion to decide what is best for their own establishments,” he said in an email, “my colleagues will immediately threaten their safety and freedom if this bill is adopted by City Council.”