Disaster Strikes On American Airlines Flight.

Fire Breaks Out On American Airlines Flight.

American Airlines Flight From Hong Kong to Los Angeles may be delayed indefinitely today when a fire suddenly broke out. The Boeing 777 was luckily parked at the terminal when the plane looked to suddenly combust. Passengers had yet to board and looked on in terror as the Plane looked to be on fire. One man was injured as he tried to escape the plane. He was treated and did not have any life-threatening wounds.

The cause of the fire was deemed to be external cargo that caught fire and thereby causing some fire damage to the plane.

American Airlines hasn’t had a fire since October of last year. It was a national flight from Chicago to Miami. During takeoff, an engine burst into flames. The crew was able to abort the takeoff and get everyone off safely. 18 people had minor injuries and the fire on the plane was quickly extinguished.

“The World’s Greatest Flyer’s Fly American,” unless they have an issue like they did today.

Watch the fire below.

As Reported By  Fox News, Kelly Ann Mills, Mirror.co.uk

American has stated that the company is investigating the mechanical issue that caused the fire.  (Associated Press)

The operator of the loading equipment, however, “is being looked after by medical professionals” for “non-life threatening injuries,” American Airlines wrote in a statement obtained by Fox News.

Footage from inside the terminal, and shared by China Aviation Review, also shows just how close the fire was to both the plane and the terminal at Hong Kong International Airport, with multiple passengers pulling out their phones to capture the blaze on camera.

The fire was later extinguished by firefighters, the Mirror reports. American Airlines could not confirm if the plane itself suffered any damage.

American Airlines further stated that they will be investigating the mechanical issue that caused the fire.