Must Watch: Funniest Anti-Liberal Coffee Commercial Ever Made [Video]

What a great way to perk up your day.

With the current political climate and the massive push from liberals to ban and restrict gun sales, one company decided to push back with this clever and hysterical commercial. The commercial plays with the idea of ‘law-abiding criminals’ who willingly surrender their illegal weapons.

Fear and Blood is not partnered with nor affiliated with Black Rifle Coffee Company. We simply enjoyed their commercial and felt you might, as well. This video contains strong language. Viewers discretion is advised. 


Just how has California’s gun bans and restrictions worked out so far? According to, it has had the opposite effect.

Rather than have a chilling effect on firearms sales in the state, the ban, now over a quarter-century old, seems to have had the opposite.

While the ever-expanding series of bans added more and more types and characteristics to its sweep, simple cosmetic modifications such as “bullet-buttons” and changes allowed guns of similar type to remain up for sale in the state. In short, even though would-be California gun owners have to jump through more hoops to do so, they still are buying firearms in record numbers.

According to the DOJ’s Dealers Record of Sale Transactions recorded over the past four decades, in 1991 some 489,433 guns were sold in California. The figures remained more or less constant for nearly 20 years, then began climbing in 2008 until by 2014 they had doubled to 931,037 firearms of all types.

However, with all of these legal guns being lawfully bought and sold, what effect did this have on crime?

According to the DOJ’s own figures, for the past several years, every violent and property offense category decreased in number and rate per 100,000 population. Homicide rates, after peaking at over 4,000 in 1993, dropped to less than half that amount in 2009 and by 2013 had fallen to 1,745 – a number not seen in California since the Nixon-era, when the state’s population was half of what it is today.