Good Samaritan Helps Deputy Take Down Unruly Couple [Raw Video]

Good Samaritan Helps Deputy Take Down Suspect.

Law Enforcement is constantly at odds with the criminals that work against our civilized society. The video below exemplifies the stress and struggle that officers have to face all in the name of keeping our communities safe. The Officer stops the couple after running the license plate and finding that the plate does not match the vehicle it is attached to.

The man and woman in the vehicle at first appear ready to comply with the Officer but it is quickly apparent that they are not interested in listening to the officer’s order to stay in the vehicle. During the initial encounter, the man opens his door and puts his shirt on as if it requires opening a door to do so. The Officer immediately tells the male suspect to stay in the vehicle. The man complies and the traffic stop appears to be going fine until officer heads back to his car.

Both suspects make a run for it, departing in opposite directions. The officer makes a quick decision of chasing down the man which turns out to be the right decision. The Officer trained and ready for the chase easily catches up to the male suspect and then the fight ensues as the officer tries to arrest the struggling suspect. To make matters worse the female accomplice realizes that her partner in crime is in trouble. So she runs to his aid where she starts wailing and crying for the officer to stop doing his job. She even goes as far as to pull on the Officer’s arm in efforts to stop her partner from being arrested.

The Officer tries his best and doesn’t seem to be making any progress until a good Samaritan sees the incident and heroically jumps in aiding to take down the suspect. Together the citizen and the Officer take the man down and then the cuffs go on sealing the fate of the unruly duo.

Watch the Incident Below.

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These are the kind of people that we need to make examples of, the brave citizens that will come to the aid of the police. These days you see people constantly out trying to waste Police officer’s time with their ridiculous banter and a video camera shoved in their face. This is a refreshing example of a citizen supporting Law Enforcement and in turn, making the community safer.