Was Paul Ryan The Target Of A Political Hit By This Popular News Outlet?

Speaker of the United States House Of Representatives, Paul Ryan, and President Trump have had a series of ups and downs, disagreements and general differences but as a whole, the two work very well together. Face it, they honestly don’t need to get along. The entire premise of their relationship is; Ryan comes up with legislation and Trump signs them. That’s it. So what’s the ‘anonymous’ bogus bull from Politico claiming Ryan plans to leave office? Politico wasn’t alone in the latest bash on Ryan as Huffington Post chimed in with perfect unison. Looks like it’s shaping up to be the next media hit job, take a look.

As Reported By Monica Showalter with American Thinker.

Politico has published a long, anonymously sourced piece reporting that House speaker Paul Ryan is planning to leave office after the 2018 midterms.  Coming with perfect timing against a similar Huffington Post piece, it has the look of a media hit job.  The goal is for the swamp to think Ryan is a lame duck so he can no longer be effective as House speaker.

According to the piece, Ryan wants out to…spend more time with his family.  That’s a hackneyed reason, all right, and usually reserved for someone who’s going out in disgrace.  Politico supported it a little by citing Ryan’s knowledge that he doesn’t come from long-lived stock.  Well, maybe.  What it forgets is that Ryan is a fitness and vitamin fanatic, a PGX man, so the sappy claim could just as easily be baloney.

After that, it’s no longer about family when Politico veers to the real reason Ryan supposedly wants out:

The best part of this scenario, people close to the speaker emphasize: He wouldn’t have to share the ballot with Trump again in 2020.

Oh, yawn.  Ryan has already shown…

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