Liberal Lawmaker Makes A Fool Out Of Herself In front Of Law Enforcement.

Democratic Ulster County, New York, Legislator Jennifer Schwartz Berky was pulled over by Ulster law enforcement for a minor speeding infraction. Her belligerent behavior is so absurd it’s almost funny.

This officer deserves an award for his patience in this situation. Berky first starts off throwing around her own importance and that she is a lawmaker. Then when all else failed, she fakes a panic attack and claims she has PTSD, no joke. A remark insulting to the many veterans suffering from the condition. She then proceeds to argue, sob and flail around but the officer held his composure.

Berky was actually pulled over back in May but is up for re-election this November, so people need to know what she’s done. The lawmaker has done everything in her power to prevent the following recently released video from reaching the public but failed.



This is the full-length video. We recommend you watch it to get the full picture.

As reported by Amanda Prestigiacomo with Daily Wire.

Despite her lawyers’ best efforts, the footage was recently released to the public — and it’s a doozy.

During the 26-minute meltdown, Berky pretends to hyperventilate, says she’s having a “panic attack” and that she “suffers from PTSD,” claims she’s broke, accuses the officer of unfairly targeting her, tries to use her governmental position to get out of the ticket, repeatedly emits a screeching sound, and fake cries.

Yes, this clearly unstable human being is responsible for making laws, which is super comforting.

At the start of the video, Berky confesses to talking on her cellphone while driving, which is illegal in the state of New York, but is told by the officer that he will only be writing her up for speeding. Berky was pulled over for going 43-mph in a 30-mph speeding zone, according to the officer.

But Berky was unhappy with this and goes on to claim she was unfairly targeted while spewing every excuse imaginable.