Woman Found Dead In Greece

British Administrator Found Dead On A Trail In Greece.

Recently Retired University Administrator, Celia Lois Hollingworth’s remains were found last Friday. The remains were found on a path that runs between two ruins which she was planning to visit near Maroneia in the Northern Greece. It is believed that she was most likely killed by wolves that prowl the remote areas of Greece. Wild dogs that roam throughout Greece may also be the culprit as she did say that they had ferociously attacked her before her death. It is hard to tell whether it was a wild dog attack or wolf attack, as they leave similar marking indentations in the body. Hollingworth originally went missing on Thursday of last week outside an archaeological site close to where the remains were found. Colleagues described her as optimistic and very active in the community.

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Wolves roam remote parts of Greece and have been reported in the Petrota area but attacks on humans are very rare and no fatal attacks have been reported in decades.

Kifnidis said there was a slight possibility that Hollingworth fell victim to a criminal attack by another human, but added: “this is unlikely, as she herself phoned her brother and said she was being attacked by dogs.”

Tests on animal hairs found among the remains are expected to identify the carnivores, he added.

Police said Hollingworth had been visiting a seaside archaeological site at Messimvria on Thursday, where she arrived by taxi from the village of Maroneia — home to another ancient site — about 30 kilometers (19 miles) away by road. She was last seen alive later in the day on a path that forms a shortcut between the two sites.

The remains were found in the hills inland, toward Maroneia.