What?! Liberals Are Getting Tired Of The Anti Trump Rhetoric?

Are Liberals Finally Seeing The Light And Coming Around To Appreciate Our President?

It seems like almost every day you see a Liberal bashing Trump especially Maxine Waters, Al Green, and their lost cause, the impeach-Trump plan. But Liberals may have finally started to see the light and according to recent SNL ratings, they are sick of the Trump bashing, for now at least.

SNL has been on the air since the 70’s and the ratings back then were phenomenal in comparison with what they put out today. But that’s to be expected as they used to have Chevy Chase, Dan Akryod, and later Farley and Ferrel. They also used to have star power like Richard Prior, Robin Williams, and Steve Martin.

Last Saturday’s SNL ranked the lowest in ratings this season. “Last night’s 4.3 HH rating tied for the lowest result this season” According to a recent poll they could be faltering in the rating due to their constant bashing of the President and the current administration.

“A poll conducted by Morning Consult reveals that more SNL viewers want the long-running NBC show to move on from lampooning Trump than want the sketch comedy show to keep “ribbing” the president.”

Although a majority of people (35%) feel it is time to move on from the president bashing, 33% of SNL fans were over the top Trump haters and wanted to see more Trump bashing.

Watch Trump’s Take On Alec’s Portrayal Of Him On SNL.

So it could mean they stop inviting Alec Baldwin back for a while, but I doubt it as Liberals always think they are right. Considering how much they dislike our President, bashing him is just what they do.

SNL had better ratings initially with all of the Trump bashings. Their Trump jokes have always been in bad taste as far as I am concerned. It has just taken their audience a while to catch up with the rest of us.