Hungry Woman Can’t Handle The Truth

Hungry Woman Blames Everyone Else For Inability To Understand The Menu.

A young woman entered a Taco Bell and tried to order French Fries. The cashier tried to explain that she couldn’t order fries. The young woman protested saying “you are burger king and you don’t sell french fries.” The cashier explained that they were all actually inside a Taco Bell but that went way over the hungry young woman’s head. The hungry woman felt like she was being slighted and became upset claiming “This is racism at its F***ing finest.”

At this point, fellow diners at the establishment felt the need to come to the cashier’s defense as she was clearly talking to someone that was ‘not all there.’ The patron also tried his best to tell the belligerent woman that she could only get tacos and burritos at the Taco Bell, but she was not having it. So she attempted to diss the patron for wearing glasses “Oh I’m so Happy because you have four eyes.” The Diner with the patience of gold once again pointed to the menu and which I’d guess she was unable to read or make out.

The patron made some analogies in regards to what should be expected at fast food restaurant but the young hungry woman only became more upset. She claimed that she never eats at places like this and still could not figure out why she was not allowed to order fries. The manager was called over and the young hungry lady gave up and left probably feeling bullied out of fries.

This is why we need a better education system, either that or the young woman needs to get off of the drugs. Either way, the poor staff of Taco Bell had to deal with that confused and blubbering fool. Only a Liberal would be soo emotional and unable to see reason.

Watch the Ridiculousness below.