Video: Biden’s Handlers Panic, Joe Does A No No & Goes Off Script

Biden’s handlers panicked after he decided to go off script during a speaking event.

One of Biden’s greatest accomplishments since taking office is bankrupting Americans at the gas pump (sarcasm). According to AAA gas is outrageously high from just a year ago when President Trump was in office. Gas Buddy is also showing that the national average for gas is $3.42 a gallon.

When Biden took office he slashed USA oil production and eleven moths later we have the highest gas prices since the last time Joe Biden was in office. Even President Brandon was taken aback by how fast gas prices have climbed.

In the video below, President Biden went off script and admitted that even he is surprised how high gas prices and he seemed clueless to fix it.

The moment of honesty no doubt caused his handlers to panic because it’s evident that the Biden Administration has no plan to fix the crisis they have created. Biden’s reaction to the state of the economy reveals that they weren’t prepared and a new report reveals they ignored the warnings.

Just like how they underestimated the Taliban in Afghanistan they ignored the warnings of how destructive their economic agenda would be. Not that Biden actually understands economics, below is a video of him trying to explain away the crisis he created.