Watch: More International Humiliation, Biden Falls A Sleep In Front Of The Entire World

In front of the entire world Biden once again embarrassed himself and the United States.

During the opening speeches at the COP26 Biden appears to have fallen asleep.

Keep an eye on the eyes, they get heavy and then sleepy Joe is out. After a few moments an aid realizing Joe is drifting off to lala land in front the entire world walks over to wake him up.

It didn’t get any better when Biden address the world in Glasgow Scotland. He kept it together for about 30 seconds and then crumbled.

On the previous day Biden was late to his “press conference” because admittedly he couldn’t figure out how to use the elevator.

It’s no wonder Americans no longer believe that Joe Biden is competent to be the president of the United States.

Everything Biden does is hurting the country and Americans are beginning to stand up to Democrat politicians doing his bidding.

Recently, New York’s new governor was heckled as protestors demanded a stop to the mandates.

In New York City firehouses are likely to remain closed because members of the FDNY are rejected the city’s mandate.