ISIS’s New Laughable “High Tech” Weaponry Against Our Troops (LOL) [Video]

Outgunned ISIS Turns To History.

In these times of war, our troops are equipped with the best of the best. From machine guns to pistols and body armor. Our troops deserve the best to fight our enemy and keep us safe. In ancient times men fought with clubs, then we moved on to swords and more advanced weaponry. As you can see below these ISIS members are moving back to those simpler times and have brought back the trebuchet.

The word trebuchet comes from the Middle French verb trebuch, meaning ‘to tumble’ or ‘to fall over,’ which is exactly what the throwing arm of a trebuchet does when it is released. The medieval etymology of the word (first appearing in English in the fourteenth century as ‘trepegete’) has led many historians to believe that this war engine was a medieval invention, but this ‘bad neighbor’ took up residence in the annals of military history long before that.

Stone-throwing artillery was hardly a new idea in the thirteenth century. Both the Greeks and Romans employed engines to fire stones and darts at their enemies. In the ancient world, however, war engines were powered either by torsion (a wound rope, such as in the Roman onager) or tension (a drawn bow, such as in the Greek oxybeles). The trebuchet was the first war engine to employ the principles of gravity and leverage to hurl a projectile.”

Watch ISIS Use It’s “Newfound” Technology Below And Try Not To Laugh.

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Can you imagine our Troops seeing this? I know I would crack up at the sight. But this is the level of weaponry ISIS brings to the table I hope they keep it up, it will make for an easier victory.