Tump Appointed SCOTUS Picks Give Biden A Win & Now Thousands Will Be Fired

In Maine a vaccination mandate took effect for health care workers who were told get the shot or be terminated.

In a 6-3 ruling the Supreme Court decided not to hear the case which will leave the mandate in place. Conservative appointees Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett sided with Roberts deciding not to hear the case. Justices Neil Gorsuch, Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito would have like to have heard the case.

“Healthcare workers who have served on the front line of a pandemic for the last 18 months are now being fired and their practices shuttered,” Gorsuch said. “All for adhering to their constitutionally protected religious beliefs. Their plight is worthy of our attention. I would grant relief.”

The lawsuit was filed by the Liberty Counsel on behalf of 2,000 healthcare workers who will now be terminated unless they receive the vaccination. As the threat of a Biden mandate looms this is not a good sign for those wishing for medical freedom.

The law, which went into effect on October 29, 2021 did not allow for religious exemptions and signals the challenge in New York state will also fail.

It is also expected that the Supreme Court will be hearing challenges to the Texas abortion bill.

From the Associated Press:

Five conservative justices, including three who were appointed by President Donald Trump, were in the majority. Chief Justice John Roberts joined the court’s three liberal justices in dissent.

The court offered no explanation for its decision to hear the cases so quickly.

The Texas ban, signed into law by Gov. Greg Abbott in May, prohibits abortion after cardiac activity is detected in a fetus, usually around six weeks and before some women know they are pregnant.

After what we saw the Trump picks do surrounding the vaccine mandate takes away a lot of confidence surrounding what their ruling may be concerning the Texas abortion law.