Army Ranger Puts Liberals In Their Place Over ’12 Strong’ Criticism  [Video]

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A Retired United States Army Ranger Gives anti-masculinity – Anti-Military Liberals a piece of his mind.

With all the garbage and allegations surfacing from Hollywood lately, the one thing most of us have had to look forward to was the release of the new movie ’12 Strong’, a wartime flick from the post 9/11 era.  Liberals, however, have taken their ‘war on masculinity’ a step further by saying the film ‘promote masculinity and violence’ as if the two are synonymous or that there is something wrong with masculinity in general.

In fact, liberals from all walks have flocked to social media to complain that this movie, and others like it, promote racism and violence through a show of masculinity. One Journalist for The Intercept, Peter Maass, wrote a particularly insulting piece about the movie that caught the eye of a retired U.S Army Ranger- Take a look at his response.



Peter Maass wrote:

Perpetuate a model of masculinity that does violence to us all.

Since it’s release ’12 Strong’ has received mostly excellent reviews.

Movie Reviews Posted On Variety:

Warning: Some reviews have details that could be considered ‘spoilers’. 

Sixteen years after U.S. troops landed in Afghanistan, the conflict there might be summed up as a violent holding pattern, or a stalemate we’re still mired in, or — if you squint hard enough — a slow-motion qualified success. But only the producer Jerry Bruckheimer would seek to portray it as a victory decisive enough to be called a triumph of the kick-ass American spirit.

12 Strong,” one of those rare “serious” Bruckheimer productions, tells the story of the first U.S. soldiers to land in Afghanistan in the days after 9/11: the members of ODA 595, an elite Special Forces unit that was ordered to link up with a local warlord and fight its way, village by village, to the Taliban stronghold of Mazar-i-Sharif (the country’s fourth largest city). There, they would theoretically gut the Taliban’s nexus of power and topple the ability of Afghanistan to serve as a training ground for Al Qaeda troops.

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