White House Shook! Report From New Jersey Just Gave Joe Biden Some Really Bad News

As the White House is losing the battle to cover up the decline of Joe Biden they just got some really bad news.

A Monmouth poll (which is heavily swayed left) is reporting that Biden’s approval rating in New Jersey is just 43%. The garden state is one of the most liberal places in the country and the president’s approval rating is well under 50%.

Things got worse, just a few days after the poll NBC released the report below and it was scathing.

Biden might be talking a big game but the truth is the emotion behind chants like “Let’s Go Brandon” is real, Americans are fed up with Joe just ten months into his presidency.

The President is so bad at his job he has problems talking.

Biden’s poor numbers have position a Republican to possibly win the governors race in Virginia.

Republican pollster Ryan Girdusky reported that in the 2013 Virginia governors the polls wer off by 4.2 points in favor of Democrats. In 2017 the polls were off by 5.6 points in favor of Republicans, meaning right now there is no way to predict the outcome.

What is clear is that this is all Joe Biden’s fault. It is safe to say the majority of Americans in the country do not like the president do not believe his competent.

Inflation, supply chain shortages, gas prices, and his mandates are ticking off the country. What’s insane is that Biden thinks the supply chain issues are a good thing.

It’s no wonder Biden is failing he thinks school being unable to keep their food programs going and the Dollar Store no longer being able to sell things for a dollar is a good thing.