US District Court Rules Against Patriotism

Southern Californian US District Court Rules In Favor Of Kaepernick Corrupted Youth.

The NFL is to blame for this one with their barrage of anti-patriotism that they refused to handle properly. If they had dealt with Kaepernick when he first starting disrespecting the flag this incident would likely never have happened. But Goodell didn’t have the backbone required to properly deal with the situation so now we are seeing the consequences of his inaction. A California High School student has sued his High School district for preventing him from kneeling/disrespecting the flag.

The San Pasqual Valley Unified School District prohibits “kneeling, sitting or similar forms of political protest” at athletic events and required students and coaches to “stand and remove hats/helmets … during the playing or singing of the National Anthem,”

Southern California US District Court has ruled in favor of the student claiming his first amendment rights were violated. “The Federal Court has granted a preliminary injunction stopping the school from implementing its rules.”

The student and his lawyer are seeking to make the injunction permanent. “The Los Angeles Times reported the school district implemented the rules following a game between San Pasqual Valley High School and Mayer High School in Spring Valley, Ariz. The athletes from the majority-white Arizona school hurled racial slurs at San Pasqual Valley High School students after a player, known only as “V.A.” kneeled during the anthem. V.A. said he kneeled to “protest racial injustice” and imitated NFL players who have also sat or kneeled during the Star Spangled Banner.

It is is not yet known whether the school district will appeal or not.

Watch The Clip Below.

The student, in this case, is just naive, repeating the actions of NFL players that are setting a poor example.  But that’s not an excuse to disrespect our flag and country. The NFL should have to pay for cases like this as they have started a trend where it is ‘cool’ to be unpatriotic. Men and women fight and die under the American Flag so I don’t see what is so hard about honoring them with the simple act of standing.