The Tables Are Being Turned On Biden He Has One Big Problems That Won’t Go Away

The drip started a month ago when Politico released a story that Hunter Biden’s email really were real and Democrats should take them seriously.

As Biden’s poll numbers crater and the midterms get closer the DNC is trying to figure out what to do with the senile president and it appears he is getting the Andrew Cuomo treatment.

Over a period of months, stories were leaked and people came forward about Andrew Cuomo’s disgusting behavior. The Democrat’s wanted to get rid of him because his COVID policy in 2020 was a liability so they created a sex scandal; the same thing is happening to Biden.

This week, two more stories dropped about Hunter Biden and it didn’t come from the right.

Below is the headline from Business Insider:

After suppressing the Hunter Biden story last year now all of sudden it matters.

Perhaps the most damaging story though came from Politico this week, revealing that Hunter is going to “complicate” the White House’s anti-corruption push.

Below is an excerpt from the Politico report:

Right-leaning outlets that devoted less attention to the ethical issues raised by the activities of Trump’s relatives have had a field day with the Hunter Biden story. Interest in his activities, meanwhile, has been relatively muted on the left.

That may be changing. Along with new evidence that at least some of the alleged laptop material is genuine — as well as other emerging evidence about the deals family members have sought or received from people with an interest in influencing Biden — the bipartisan outcry over the painting venture suggests that the Hunter Biden issue is not going away, and that liberals may increasingly tune in.

The Hunter Biden story isn’t going away and after a recent election in Iowa don’t think the DNC is looking for an extra strategy. Democrats lost a solid blue district by 20 points.