Watch: Pelosi’s Brain Breaks During Presser, Acts Like The Town Drunk, ‘When You Subtract Money, Money Is…

Either Pelosi’s meds stop working or she was hitting the bottle real hard before she faced the press. The Speaker of the House weekly press conference turned into the rantings of a boozer.

“What may come as news to someone is that when you subtract money, money is subtracted,” Pelosi said.

Really? Who would have thought when you subtract something there is less? Kinda like my paycheck trying to pay for gas, more money is subtracted from my account because the Democrats have made things more expensive.

Pelosi also called for the federal government to have more power over the states.

Then Nancy decided to brag about how old she is…

Pelosi also developed a weird tick with her hair.

Perhaps Nancy’s behavior was a reaction to the latest report on inflation that showed the cost of living is the highest it has ever been.