Watch: More Fallout, Dems Turn There Back Say Biden Is ‘Incredibly Toxic, They Don’t…

As the mid-terms draw near Democrat’s are beginning to distance themselves from Biden and the chaos behind closed doors is starting to leak out to the mainstream media.

Passing Biden’s spending bill should have been an easy expected win, instead it has turned into a dysfunctional mess that has really been fun to watch. The Democrats are in charge of everything but Joe’s incompetence has kept them from getting anything done (thank God).

Some Democrats on the Hill have leaked that the Biden legislation team is “incredibly toxic” saying they “have no idea what they are doing.”

The far-left and the “moderate” Democrats are trying to figure out how deep in debt they want to continue to plunge the country into. The problem is Biden seems to be telling everyone what they want to hear causing total confusion. As the president seems to tell everyone what they want to hear it’s under cutting previous deals made with other members of congress.

Centrists like Senators Manchin and Sinema have no interest in passing a massive spending bill because it will be used against them when inflation goes through the roof.

Meanwhile, the far-left want to spend, spend, spend, spend, spend.

Pelosi is struggling to cut a deal and can’t seem to be able to herd the cats this time. The Speaker of the House is considering handing over the power to raise the debt limit to the executive which is very dangerous. Since the Obama administration we’ve watched a dysfunctional Congress hand over power and president’s have ruled by executive actions. Now that Pelosi can’t cut a deal she’s just going to throw her arms up and let Biden take the hit.

“If Pelosi/DCCC expected a Biden Administration going into 2024, or holding the House/Senate in 2022, they would not be throwing him under the bus right now with such a terrifying idea of giving [Tresurary Secretary Janet] Yellen the debt ceiling limit,” Former Trump appointee Adam Korzeniewski said. “They’re running with a ‘Blame Biden’ strategy,” which will “likely end in electoral defeats.”