See Why GoT’s John Snow Is Shutting Down Productions for One Day.

John Snow, Kit Harrington, Ask For Production To Stop For One Day For His Real-Life Wedding To Hos Co-Star Wildling, Rose Leslie!

Season 8 was recently reported to have delays pushing the release as far back as 2019 and now there could be one more day added to the delay. However, fan completely support this delay.

Every Couple has a “how we met story” but Kit and Rose’s Story just melts our hearts. Roe Leslie, set to play Ygritte, a fiery red-headed wildling and John Snow’s, Kit Harrington, torn love.

A love that was torn by John Snow’s oath to protect the wall from the wildlings. and Ygritte’s influence on John. Viewers watched on pins and needles as the characters go through various dramatic moments.

What some people didn’t know is the actors presumed a relationship off-screen that has blossomed over the years. Kit called the director to ask for a stop in production for one day so that the crew could attend his wedding.


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Details about the big day haven’t been revealed yet, but the cast will be the only “Game of Thrones” presence there. Harington nixed the idea of costumes. “No. There is absolutely no chance of me convincing [Rose] of that,” he said. It’s probably for the best since weddings on “Game of Thrones” haven’t had the best track record. Joffrey’s Purple Wedding resulted in his death by poisoned wine, while the Red Wedding ended with many Starks and one direwolf dead.  It’s a safe bet that “The Rains of Castamere” will not be in the DJ’s rotation for the reception.

Harington and Leslie, both 30, met on the set of “Game of Thrones” when she joined in the second season. Long before Jon Snow became King in the North, he was just a lowly bastard making his way to the Wall to join the Night’s Watch. Leslie played Ygritte, a wildling lass who was “kissed by fire,” aka a lucky redhead. She captured him and eventually fell for his brooding ways — the couple’s tryst in a cave stands out as one of the most loving and positive interactions between men and women on the show so far. Sadly, her character was killed off two years later, but at least in real life, their love has remained strong.