Arizona City Wages War On Christmas Spirit

Arizona City Kills The Holiday Spirit For Local Man And All Who Enjoyed His Christmas Festivities.

Lee and Patricia Sepanek have been spreading the holiday spirit for over 30 years by going all out decorating their home every Christmas. To further add to the Holiday Feel of their beautiful display they sell Christmas cookies and hot Cocoa. The sales from the holiday refreshments help offset the large Holiday bill. The Sepaneks’ claim that with the cost of storage, maintenance (replacing the bulbs/lights), and putting on the Christmas Light Display it costs them $10,000 a year. Their house has been a holiday hotspot for locals so much so that this year the city stepped in and as per usual messed everything up.

The city claimed that a couple neighbors complained so they had to intervene. The city told the holiday hotspot family that they were no longer allowed to freely sell the Christmas cookies or hot cocoa. The Sepanaks would also have to handle the parking situation caused by the popularity of the Holiday hot spot by hiring parking attendants. Due to the cities Scrooge-like intervention, they were unable to spread the Holiday Spirit for the first time in 30 years. The city said they could continue to keep the lights up but had made it unaffordable for the family to do so.

The Sepaneks defeated by the cities anti-festive meddling tried to stay in the Holiday spirit and this year unable to take on their usual grandiose display spread it out. They took their decorations and were able to decorate seven houses in their neighborhood. Their yearly display of over 250,000 lights and decorations, as well as warm holiday greetings, will be missed this year, replaced with a banner explaining how the city stopped them from spreading holiday cheer. But don’t fear hopefully with a signed petition their display will be back up next year.

Watch The News Reel Below.

The Sepanek Display From 2010 Below.

As Reported By Kaila White,

The Arizona Republican Party issued a statement Tuesday criticizing Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton and calling him “a grinch.”

“This is bureaucratic, liberal overregulation at its finest,” Arizona Republican Party Chairman Jonathan Lines said in the statement.

“A government and mayor that think they know better are trying to swoop in and control a neighborhood Christmas light display. Don’t be a grinch Mayor Stanton — listen to your constituents and have some holiday spirit!”

The National Republican Congressional Committee also seized the issue as a political tool against Stanton, who launched his congressional campaign in October and will resign within the next seven months.

“I think this is illustrative of government run amok in the city of Phoenix. This is totally out-of-control regulation. It reflects very poorly on his management,” said Jack Pandol, a spokesman for the NRCC, which issued a press release criticizing Stanton.

A mayor’s office spokeswoman said his office had no additional comment about the light display beyond those provided by city staff.

Sepanek said he was unaware of the political blowback.

“I don’t want to get into politics about my Christmas lights, but I guess that’s the age we live in, huh? I guess everything has a political aspect to it anymore,” he said. “That’s not where I’m coming from.”