The Woke Furious Over Halloween Costume

The woke are up in arms over a Halloween costume this year.

Over the last year The Left has tried to commandeer the term “Karen” that was used to describe Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. The term was also used to describe the woman who called the police on a black man bird watching in New York City (she is not a conservative).

So what has activists angry?

The Karen Halloween costume.

“Everyone will know you’re looking to speak to the manager when you complete your Karen outfit with this hilarious Karen wig,” read the product’s description. “This short and stylish cut is the perfect hairstyle to show everyone you ain’t the one to mess with.”

“There were few visible nods to the many crises that have gripped the country this year, aside from a row of obligatory hazmat suits and a “Karen” costume — complete with a blond wig, binoculars, fake hundred dollar bills, and a T-shirt that read “CAN I SPEAK TO THE MANAGER?”

“I don’t like how they’re profiting from the very real issue of racism,” fumed one incensed critic on Twitter.

“This is super wack,” wrote another. “Absolutely nothing funny about a whole species of people that put Black people in danger of losing their lives with a simple phone call. I hate it here.”

The Karen costume isn’t the only thing causing the woke to lose their minds, comedian Dave Chappell’s new special has them fuming.

The LGBTQ community is up in arms for Chappelle’s comedy special because they can’t take a joke.

Terra Field, a senior software engineer for Netflix and two other staffers have been suspend after trying to attend an executive meeting to protest the special.

“Yesterday we launched another Chappelle special where he attacks the trans community, and the very validity of transness – all while trying to pit us against other marginalized groups. You’re going to hear a lot of talk about ‘offense.’ We are not offended,” Field wrote.

Field then went on a rant condemning the special but Netflix won’t budge.

All Chappelle did was tell a few jokes and now activists groups are calling for him to be canceled but the people have spoken.



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