Veteran Takes Down Casino Robber Before He Can Do Any Damage. [Video]

Veteran Chokes Out Armed Robber.

Filling in for your significant other usually doesn’t involve risking your life but lucky for Elliot Montalvan, he knew how to handle the situation. Montalvan was filling in for his wife at a Casino in Germany when a man dressed in a Batman mask, scarf, and ski mask walked in armed with a pistol.

The incident happened last summer in the town of Heidingsfeld in Bavaria Germany. But the surveillance footage was just recently released.

Montalvan immediately sprang into action having been in the Army for six years he had all the training he needed to take down the disguised robber.

He grabbed the man and wrestled the gun from the armed assailant. During the fight, the gun was discharged a couple times in the struggle but Montalvan finally disarmed the man.

The fight still continued but Montalvan was victorious as he punched the man and eventually incapacitated him via chokehold. The Veteran then checked to make sure that the robber was still breathing as his intention was only to incapacitate him.

He found that the robber was fine but he did not know the phone number for the authorities so he called his wife as she knew the number.

Watch The Incident Below.

After the police were called he waited until he heard the sirens and then went outside on bent knees, with his hands up. He quickly informed the police of situation and the robber was taken away.

The Robber was sentenced on January 30th and received 3 years for his attempted robbery. But who knows what could have happened if not for this brave Veteran.

Montalvan left the military due to medical issues with his back.

Montalvan’s back was injured when a vehicle he was in hit a roadside bomb.

The injuries led to six pins in his back and a 100 percent disability determination, Montalvan said. But that didn’t stop him when it counted.

“I never thought that what I learned could one day really save your life,” Montalvan said. “I never realized it until this night.”