Hugh Hefner Would Be Ashamed At The Direction Playboy Is Going In

Has Playboy Taken A Turn For The Worse?

Playboy has been a go-to Magazine for Adult Content since 1953 when the late Hugh Hefner, with a loan from his mother, created it. Now with the Digital Age and the same content being freely found at any xxx site, Hefner’s son thought it was time for a change.

He decided to add a new model. Playboy has been known for its beautiful models and actresses from the iconic Marilyn Monroe to Cindy Crawford and Drew Barrymore. But now Hefner’s son Cooper Hefner has decided to add a Trans-gendered Model to be Ms? November.

A surprising person came to every man’s magazine’s defense Jenna Jameson. Jameson tweeted about this through the use of Facepalm emojis. After some backlash, she had to defend herself.

“Just because Miss USA won’t let me compete (because I’m an ex-pornstar) doesn’t mean they don’t love me ??I love my gay and trans peeps.”

A fan of hers defended her and reiterated her facepalms stating it best: “Playboy has women in it. Playgirl has men in it. The Boy Scouts have boys in it. The Girl Scouts have girls in it. Why is this so hard?”

Playboy stands behind their decision to include the trans model and added this photo to Twitter.

Playboy feels this is the right thing to do and compares the transgender model to the first black model. As if this is a fair comparison.

Men have claimed to read Playboy for the articles for years now, I guess it’s time to see whats in those articles because I’m not sure everyone wants to see this centerfold.

Watch the clip below about Ms? November.

As Reported By Maya Salam The NYTimes

As for the recent rising tide of concern about women’s rights and the objectification of women — issues that re-emerged after Hugh Hefner’s death — Ms. Rau said: “I think Playboy always embraced women’s freedom and beauty. It empowers women in nudity, which is the most simple and beautiful way to empower women.”

When asked about her experience being photographed this year, Ms. Rau said: “I was just thinking of being this little lonely boy in the ghetto, in the shadows in my room. And now I’m in Los Angeles shooting Playboy looking so beautiful, feeling so amazing. I cried of happiness.”