Putin Won His ‘Rigged’ Reelection [Video]

It was a not-so-surprising landslide victory for the Russian President, Vladimir Putin

Russia held their Presidential elections and final votes were in and ‘counted’ Monday. Putin, who rules his country through fear, of course, won by a landslide over his 7 opponents. Putin denies rigging the elections but serious doubt spreads worldwide.

This does mean at least 6 more years of a Putin-ran Russia and we doubt that will change in future elections unless he decides to retire. It leaves some serious uncertainty in the air but the United States has yet to respond.

Mainly because they’re working on sanctions against Russia for their hacks and breaches on US security.

Experts weigh in on why they think the Russian elections were rigged and what to expect from the frozen-nation. Take a look.



As Reported By Joshua Tucker in The Washington Post:

To nobody’s surprise, Russian President Vladimir Putin won reelection to a fourth term yesterday, by a wide margin. With Putin’s (last?) presidential election in the books, I reached out to my colleagues at PONARS-Eurasia for a quick take on the implications of Sunday’s election in Russia. Here’s what they had to say.

Brian Taylor, professor, Maxwell School, Syracuse University: Forget Russia’s “elections.” The key thing that happened Sunday is that Putin formally became a lame duck in a political system dependent on one man. Expect a big fight in the coming years about three options: 1) changing the formal rules to keep Putin in charge; 2) an informal arrangement to keep Putin in charge without changing the formal rules; 3) a designated successor. In 2008, Putin went for a combination of 2 and 3.

Pavel Baev, research professor, Peace Research Institute Oslo: The international background for the elections in Russia was distorted by the sharp crisis in relations with the U.K. This illuminated one unusual feature of Putin’s foreign policy agenda for the new term: It is nearly completely absent.

The big plan for building the Eurasian Union is all but abandoned; the partnership with China has lost momentum; the “victory” in Syria is badly damaged by the new spasms of fighting and growing casualties — and the opportunities for combining confrontation with cooperation in relations with the United States have evaporated. Bragging about “wonder missiles” doesn’t help at all in compelling the West to listen to denials of too many crimes…

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