What About That Time Obama Referred To Libya As A ‘Sh*t Show’?

While the media world erupts over President Trump’s comment, Thursday, referring to Haiti as ‘Sh*thole’ the true inequality shines through.

As the world called foul against Trump’s comment about Haiti we were reminded of the time Obama referred to Lybia as a ‘sh*t show’. The media didn’t even bat an eye. There certainly wasn’t a parade of social media warriors, so what is the difference?

I believe the answer here folks, is; Trump. The downright hate the media has for the President sheds light on the hypocritical system in which most media outlets are operating under at this time. I mean, what a witchhunt.

If any reader doesn’t know what I am talking about I included a snippet of the article/interview below.

As Written By Jeffrey Goldberg with the Atlantic.

“So we actually executed this plan as well as I could have expected: We got a UN mandate, we built a coalition, it cost us $1 billion—which, when it comes to military operations, is very cheap. We averted large-scale civilian casualties, we prevented what almost surely would have been a prolonged and bloody civil conflict. And despite all that, Libya is a mess.”

Mess is the president’s diplomatic term; privately, he calls Libya a “shit show,” in part because it’s subsequently become an isis haven—one that he has already targeted with air strikes. It became a shit show, Obama believes, for reasons that had less to do with American incompetence than with the passivity of America’s allies and with the obdurate power of tribalism.

“When I go back and I ask myself what went wrong,” Obama said, “there’s room for criticism, because I had more faith in the Europeans, given Libya’s proximity, being invested in the follow-up,” he said.