Man Bursts Into Flames After Daring Police To Use Their Weapons [Graphic Video]

Police officers Were Pretty patient with this guy but what we learn in this case is that a taser and mace don’t mix well.

[Paris, France] Officers respond to a call about a man threatening others on the street. Once the officers arrived They were greeted by a shirtless and belligerent assailant. The man rushed at the officers a few times as well as threatened them, daring them to use their weapons on him.

While it is clear, to us, none of the officer’s wanted to use force against the man he left them with no other choice. Unfortunately for the man, he was hit with the wrong combination. The footage is shot from the body cam of the officer who tased the man but if you look to the guys left you can see another officer maced him at the same time. Take a look.


This video contains graphic content that can not be unseen. We do not recommend this video for the soft-hearted and deem this video unsuitable for some audiences. Viewer’s digression is strongly advised.


As Reported By PETER ALLEN and SARA MALM FOR MAILONLINE from Daily Mail.

One of the officers throw himself on top of the burning man to put out the flames, and he was reportedly later arrested and did not suffer any serious injury.

The video was filmed in July, 2013, but has not been seen until this week when unknown individuals posted it on Facebook and Twitter.


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