Slender Man Terrorizes A Town In Oregon.

Slender Man Spotted In Oregon.

Gresham Residents could not dial the Police station number fast enough when they saw a Slender Man walking through town.

“At that time I called the non-emergency number for Gresham, just with everything going on…it’s really creepy, said, Wicht.”

Slender Man became an internet sensation back in 2009. He was originally photoshopped into many photos of children. He was always in the background, alluding that he was about to kidnap them. Slenderman is usually depicted as a tall thin man, in a black suit, with a blank face and tentacle-like fingers.

His story is dependant on who is writing about him.  Slenderman is an opensource internet myth that was spread all over with Fan Fiction.

In this case, the town was simply spooked by a Haunted House Promotion. That apparently did its job too well. After receiving numerous calls the police showed up and advised the man playing Slender Man to knock it off and he willingly complied.

Watch the Fan Fiction Video Below.

As Reported By Fox News

“We can’t stop what we’re doing, we understand people are upset about it, but we can’t stop doing what we do, it’s Halloween season,” Fultz said.

Police confirmed the man did not harm anybody but said the actor should confirm that he worked for a haunted house.

The House of Shadows said they were considering putting a sign with the name of attraction on the costume.

“Slender Man” has made headlines including a case where two 12-year-old Wisconsin girls stabbed a classmate to impress the fictional character in 2014.