Off Duty Deputy’s Husband Holds Choke Hold Too Long At Denny’s [Video]

Denny’s Restaurant Was The Scene Of A Fight Gone Wrong.

Dennys the 24-hour diner is a known for it’s all day breakfast and a late night favorite for many. Some even choose Denny’s as a place to sober up. Johnny Hernandez was drunk and not thinking clearly back on May 28th. So without thinking, he decided to pee and did not use a restroom, instead he peed outside of the Denny’s.

Chauna Thompson an off-duty deputy and her husband Terry saw that Hernandez was peeing outside so they decided to put a stop to it. Supposedly a verbal confrontation was started before it became physical, but ultimately The Thompson’s claim that Hernandez swung at Terry so they decided to take him down. Terry held Johnny in a chokehold while his wife held Hernandez’s left arm pinned down. Hernandez struggled but was unable to do anything against Terry.

Terry is seen in the video asking Johnny “Do you want me to hit you again? Do you want me to hit you again?” The whole thing just got out of hand. Terry should have let up on the chokehold long before Hernandez ever came close to passing out from a lack of oxygen.

The autopsy report said Hernandez’s death was a homicide and that he died from anoxic encephalopathy caused by strangulation by chest compression, reported CNN affiliate KPRC.

Watch the Footage/News Reel Below.

Now the family of Hernandez wants justice, they want the couple to receive life in prison.

“On Wednesday, Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said the agency has asked the Department of Justice and Texas Rangers to review the investigation.
“From the beginning, we have promised a fair, thorough and transparent investigation,” Gonzalez told reporters.
He said Chauna Thompson has been removed from her patrol duties and moved to an administrative job within the department until the investigation concludes.
Hernandez’s family and friends gathered Wednesday in a march and rally to demand justice and urge the arrests of the Thompsons.
“This should not have happened, and the fact that it did happen shows that there are things that need to be fixed within the sheriff’s department,” Oscar Hernandez told CNN affiliate KTRK.”
The Couple has been charged with murder and they have yet to be sentenced. “The trial for Terry is scheduled for May 18, 2018. Chauna will go on trial June 1, 2018.”