Californian Parents Use Loophole to Keep Their Kids Unsafe?

The Anti-Vaxxer Movement Is Still Going Strong In California.

Vaccinations are a godsend. They have prevented children from getting mumps, measles, smallpox, polio, and the list goes on of horrible diseases we are now safe from all due to Vaccines. But that’s not enough for some Californian parents who are buying into the nonsense spread by people like Bills Sears. Sears believes “that giving kids too many vaccines at once may be dangerous. (In 2013, the Institute of Medicine found no evidence that the schedule was unsafe.)” This belief of his has spread to the point that numerous parents in California now refrain from vaccinating their kids on the basis of safety??

California has been trying to put a stop to the anti-vaxxer movement by making it mandatory for students to be vaccinated in order to attend school. From 1996 to 2014 parents had the choice to freely exempt their kids from getting vaccines even if they went to public schools. All parents had to do is sign a waiver that told the schools it was against their belief to vaccinate their children, and they were free to go to school. The Disney incident changed all that, forcing Californians to step up to the modern age and keep their kids safe from harmful illnesses.

California passed SB 277 which got rid of the personal belief form making it so parents had to actually take care of their kids and get them properly vaccinated. SB 277 worked it brought numbers up significantly.  But some parents were not deterred. They found a new way to prevent their kids from getting life-saving vaccines. They found doctors that drank the same anti-vaxxer kool-aid. These doctors somehow bypassed their Hippocratic oath. Which basically states doctors will do no harm. A group of 200 doctors, lawyers, and scientists have come together to form the anti-vaxxer group: Physicians For Informed Consent. (PIC)

Anti-Vaxxer parents now go to PIC doctors, that do blood tests and claim that some genetic markers show that there might be an adverse effect upon receiving a vaccine. So now these supposed caretakers just get a doctor’s note from a doctor, that is failing to properly do his job, in order to bypass the school required vaccinations.

According to Kathryn Edwards, a professor of pediatrics at Vanderbilt University, using such tests is not “scientifically sound.” She adds, “There really are no specific genetic markers for telling us when patients are going to have adverse events associated with vaccines.”

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Edwards understands that a small percentage of the population shouldn’t get vaccines, about 1 percent. The people that shouldn’t get them can’t because of severe immune system deficiencies, making it so they can’t fight off even weakened versions of illnesses.

Vaccines save lives it is unfortunate that there are so many parents out there that can’t or won’t see the truth to that fact. Children are innocent. They should be protected from parents that don’t have the common sense to at least keep their kids safe from illnesses that belong in our past.

“I don’t want children to get vaccines who shouldn’t be getting vaccines,” says Edwards, but “I’ve stood at the bed of children who are dying. I know that if there was a vaccine that could have prevented that, the family would have wanted that.”