ISIS: Shooter Able To Calmly Walk The Streets After Church Massacre? [Video]

Why did it take officers so long to take down this ISIS terrorist?

[Cairo] Officials released footage of the aftermath of Friday’s church massacre. What is depicted in this film is infuriating. While the police were on the scene at the time this video was recorded the known terrorist was able to calmly walk the streets, firing randomly, after killing 9 inside a Cairo church.

You can see a few missed shots landing on the ground near the gunman but he was otherwise uninterrupted. Once the fatal shot was finally delivered the entire area comes to life with cheers as the pedestrians rush to help take the gunman down.

*Warning: This video may not be suitable for all audiences. Viewer’s discretion is advised.


As Reported By HAMZA HENDAWI with Cario AP News.

CAIRO (AP) — Video clips circulating on social media on Saturday show the gunman who opened fire outside an Egyptian church and a nearby store owned by a Copt in an attack that killed at least nine people walking armed and unchallenged on a residential street for nearly 10 minutes.

The gunman, the videos show, stops only occasionally to shoot at his pursuers before he is himself shot.

The sight of the gunman’s calm just minutes after Friday’s attack contrasted with the self-congratulation pro-government media basked in on Saturday; their coverage focused on how police “successfully” prevented the Islamic State militant from breaking into the church and detonating an explosive device said to have been found on him.

The videos making the rounds Saturday drew a flood of critical comments about the police’s handling of the shooting, with many of them ridiculing the lavish praise heaped on police.

The Interior Ministry, which oversees the police, said the gunman was wounded and arrested, but the Health Ministry said he was shot dead. The discrepancy could not be immediately reconciled.

It was not clear whether the gunman acted alone when he opened fire on the church, located in the Egyptian capital’s southern suburb of Helwan, and the nearby store.

The official MENA news agency quoted a top but anonymous security official as saying the gunman was one of two attackers. The Islamic State-run news agency, Aamaq, backed MENA’s assertion, saying the attack was carried out by a “security detail,” suggesting more than one assailant…

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