Self-proclaimed ‘Blood Witch’s’ Ritual Will Make You Sick! [Uncensored Video]

This Self-proclaimed ‘blood witch’ has a gnarly way of celebrating her.. Womanhood? It’s Something you would have to see to believe.

Yazmina Jade, 26, was once a former hairdresser according to her social media account but now says she’s a feminine healer of sorts. Her secret weapon of choice? Menstrual blood? Believe me, it felt just as cringy to type that as I am sure it was for you to read it.

In her ‘coming out’ video that is circulating Facebook and other social media outlets, Yazmina Jade says she wants to bring awareness to this ‘sacred’ ritual. We aren’t sure why, honestly. While she does state she isn’t telling people to follow her lead we found her ‘ritual’ to be another reason to question society as a whole. Before you watch what she does with the menstrual blood, I must warn you, it is pretty disturbing.


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