Jill Biden Crumbles Under Pressure, Fumes After Reporter Hits A Little Too Close To Home

Jill Biden doesn’t handle pressure well and like most liberals is thin skinned.

The first lady’s press secretary is demanding that Fox News host Rachel Camp-Duffy apologize for expressing that Jill Biden has done harm to the United States by letting Joe run for office.

“This is disgusting,” said Michael LaRosa, Jill Biden’s press secretary. “@RCamposDuffy and @FoxNews know better. They can do better and their viewers deserve better. I hope they’ll apologize to the First Lady and leave this kind of talk in the [trash] where it belongs.”

“I think she failed the country as well,” the weekend host said.

“When you look at what’s hurting America, when you look at this lack of leadership, and you wonder, who are the people responsible for putting someone this incompetent and frankly this, you know, mentally frail in this position?” Campos-Duffy said earlier in her commentary. “I’m sorry, as a political spouse, I can’t help but look at Jill Biden … No one knew better his state of mind than Dr. Jill Biden,” Campos-Duffy added.

Campos-Duffy words were almost prophetic, when she utter them Biden’s approval numbers were decent. Fast forward a couple of months and the country is in shambles.

MSNBC’s Chuck Todd has even gone on the record saying that the allure of Biden was the “idea” he’s been around and can handle a crisis.

“Joe Biden’s greatest strength against Donald Trump in the campaign was the idea that he has been around the block, he knows what he’s doing, we’re facing this crisis with Covid, we need some basic competency back in government, no more chaos. He’s lost the competency high-marks he was getting at one time, and that’s tough to get back,” Todd said.

The “idea” was a lie to get wishy washy suburbia “independents” to vote for Joe because there would be no more “mean tweets.” Those “independents” are one of the main reasons Joe’s approval ratings has cratered. That “idea” no longer exists.